Photography Project for October Evening 2010

Every year we do a little photography project for An October Evening, a fun night of short films, fashion, photography, and performances. For 2008 we did the Death By Series, and 2009, we created the Meet Richard Series. ***Both of those links show blood and gore, viewer discretion advised! *** So this year we have a few different things going on and it is a surprise so I can’t quite show images from it yet… but I can post some BTS shots! Later I will update this post with the finished images.

(Image to the right) Here is my first SPFX makeup zombie gash… learned how to do it off of youtube, haha. It was created with some Liquid Latex, tissue paper, some home made fake blood and of course I did some airbrushing on top of it all.

(Image below) And here is a BTS shot of some zombies… the photo includes my husband, little sister and both my kids, so its kind of a fun family picture!

I am dying to show more… but it will have to wait until after the event on October 22nd!

Here are a few more zombie (portrait shots)…

Happy Zombie

Zombie Girl

A random vampire shoot…



Pulp Art Style Monster Tabloids
The Zombie Pizza Man Ate My Family!!
Pulp Art Style Monster Tabloids
A Scary Monster Lives in my Toilet!
Pulp Art Style Monster Tabloids
Woman Gives Birth to Vampire Siamese Twins!

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