Seattle 04-2010

We took a trip to Seattle for the last week to visit my brother Eric, his awesome girlfriend Zoey, Adrian and my nieces and nephew . This is the only family I have and feel close to, so it is such a great feeling to go out and visit them. Not only that, but they are just super cool, positive, uplifting, artistic, rad people. We had a great time painting their friend Marta as a jaguar… it took all day to paint the backdrop, and then airbrush and paint her…the shoot turned out awesome! Todd is making another time lapse video for that, so I will post it here as soon as it is done.

^Body painting and backdrop by Me, Todd Keith, Eric Faught and Zoey Luxton. We all painted it together 🙂

It was so good to see Adrian and his girls too, they are so adorable and have grown so much since the last time I saw them. Adrian was my sister Steena’s husband  (she passed away a few years ago from breast cancer). He is wicked talented in all of his artistic projects. We all got together to sculpt faces out of Apoxie Sculpt (fun stuff!). He also brought over a sculpture that he is already working on… it will be amazing when he is done with it.

Zoey got a letter in the mail of a long, lost story about her family from 100 years ago that was thought to have burned in a house fire. She sat and read it to us, and it was super cool to hear. She has some cool names in her family. I can’t remember them at the moment, but I will ask her and update this post with them.

It was really cool to hear about her grandmother’s child hood and then hear her talk about it…. so that’s why she was blind in one eye… and that’s why she can make the best chicken dumplings, hehe.

I love seeing all the kids play together. They created a cousins club while out there.

So cute. 🙂

The last day we were there, we visited the Seattle Underground which was really cool. Here are some Hipstamatic (iPhone) pics…

Even though we didn’t grow up together, my brother has been an amazing influence on my life. We had a wonderful time visiting, and hope to get together at least once a year!

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