April 2010 – Stephen Simmons “Are You Interesting?” Photography Project

The purpose of this “Are you Interesting?” project is  to capture photos of  interesting people that I know or come across. Everyone is dressed in their own clothes, in their own locations with their own things. All photos are taken by myself and Todd Keith (my fiance). Let us know if you are enjoying it, we love to hear comments!

April 2010: Stephen Simmons

What can I say? Stephen Simmons is just a really cool guy. And not only is he wicked talented, he is also kind, modest and has awesome energy. He is always laughing and smiling which is nice to be around. So if you know Stephen Simmons, you are lucky to have such a cool person in your life. He is a very talented writer and director (Short Films), plays the guitar and piano, loves vintage and retro, loves old black and white films (silents to talkies) and 80’s horror flicks , manages the Tower Theater, and organizes and runs the event An October Evening in SLC, UT. Todd and I have had the privilege of  showing our work at An October Evening, which has been a really fun project for us for the last two years. One interesting thing about his films, that usually only his close friends would know, is that everything he writes has to do something with his personal life. He is very passionate about his work… and it shows! Stephen says “My ideas and inspiration come from real life experiences(relationships, phobias, work, strangers, acquaintances etc etc)  I always have an actor to play me in some way.  When I act in my films, I always play someone or a character I despise in real life”.

Todd’s Shots…

Stephen’s Website: Night of Productions

More Random Info:

Favorite Artists: Dead Man’s Bones; Brainiac; Fred Astaire; Gene Austin; Skeleton Key; Fog; Oingo Boingo; Ella Fitzgerlad; Nina Nastasia

Favorite Films: Shadows And Fog; Sunrise; Monsieur Verdoux; Amarcord; Lovers Of The Artic Circle; The Apartment; Head- On; Brazil; It Happened One Night; Freaks

-Stephen started out filming when he was in grade school.  He used his friends in the neighborhood as his actors/actresses.   His dad was nice enough to let him use his video camera and he still has the home videos to this day.
-He has a strict vegetarian diet and he is a huge fan of wine and tea.
-He has two new show ideas in the works that will be completely different from AOE and it will help more local film makers get noticed.
-He frequently adapts Alvin Schwartz’s “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” into film and eventually he hopes to cover all three books.
-Music is his mistress.  He started scoring his own films this year (2010).
-The Beehive Tea Room and Liberty Park are his favorite places to write.
-He is huge fan of musicals, plays and live entertainment.

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