March 2010- Aspen Moon “Are You Interesting?” Photography Project

The purpose of this “Are you Interesting?” project is  to capture photos of  interesting people that I know or come across. Everyone is dressed in their own clothes, in their own locations with their own things. All photos are taken by myself and Todd Keith (my fiance). Let us know if you are enjoying it, we love to hear comments!

03-2010 Aspen Moon

I first met Aspen several years ago (2006?), I think his fire troupe performed at an art show that I set up at the Utah Arts Alliance.  Of course I was really interested in shooting more fire dancing, so we set up a shoot shortly after out by the Great Salt Lake. We went to that abandoned building by the old train car. The fire was quite noticeable by people working at the marina by the lake, and the police did come out to let us know we were trespassing… thankfully they let us go with a warning, hehe. Here is a shot from that night (to the right).

I’ve always known that Aspen is an genuinely nice, super rad person with style… but wow, I learned a lot more after going to his house for this photo shoot! He is extremely talented artistically, with gorgeous paintings, hand crafted masks and clothing. Not only that, but he is also a musician and plays the drums and guitar.  If that’s not enough, he is also incredibly smart with two masters degrees in business and art history. Knowing he would be a great addition to this photography project, I had no hesitation asking him and am glad he said yes!

And here are Todd’s shots…


Please click here and scroll down to see more of this project


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