Feb 2010- Jim Martin “Are You Interesting?” Photography Project

The purpose of this “Are you Interesting?” project is  to capture photos of  interesting people that I know or come across. Everyone is dressed in their own clothes, in their own locations with their own things. All photos are taken by myself and Todd Keith (my fiance). Let us know if you are enjoying it, we love to hear comments!

February 2010 Jim Martin (Bear)

Jim has modeled for us once before during an iStock event… and all I can say is, what a cool guy! Even though our event didn’t pay much, he brought tons of props, bails of hay, and rocked the cowboy look. He has an awesome collection of cowboy and mountain man gear , including some homemade leather pieces. During our shoot for this project at his house in Kamas valley, we got to meet his wonderful wife Deb… and she took us on a tour of their Alpaca farm. And before we left, they insisted that we stay for some their delicious homemade chili and bread, mmmm!   He is a government employee by day, and does a lot of part time nude modeling on the side for photography, and art classes at local colleges & Universities. Jim is an awesome person for this project, he is genuinely cool and I am glad I have met him and plan to do some more work (body painting and photography) with him soon!

Jim’s Links: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1003073 and http://bear54.deviantart.com/

Please click here (and scroll down) to see more of this project….

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