Airbrushing: Documenting Progress

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I bought a new airbrush (01-28-2010)  and plan to play with it every day. Once I airbrushed my friend Ryann for a photo shoot with a cheap airbrush and can of air, lol.. it turned out pretty cool, but that is all of my experience so far. My goal is to use get good enough to create some super rad artistic body art for my photography. I have a long history of artwork in my background… so hopefully it will come naturally . Ideally, it would be cool to practice and post a photo of my progress every day , but it might end up to be anywhere from 2-3 a week, lol. I will post the number and date on each photo 🙂

I am pretty much learning on my own, so if any of you experienced airbrushers out there have any good tips for me, feel free to comment!!

^Day #1 – playing with the brush. 01-28-2010. I used Createx paint, which permanent (not to use on people). I actually watered it down a titch because I wanted to use less paint. But come to find out, a little paint goes a long way 🙂

^Day #2 – I practcied making a sphere, which turned into an eyeball, hehe 01-29-2010. I used Badger Air-Opaque paint. I like it better, and have used this kind on skin before. It is non-toxic, water based, etc.

^Day #3 (01-30-2010) – Blood drips, I was practicing shading and lines, etc. Obviously I did not use any Frisket masking film… Im saving that for later when I am more familiar with the brush. Btw.. I have been using Newsprint paper to practice on. This one is with Badger paint again, which I plan to continue using from now on. It is much more affordable when buying online ($9.99 for pack of 7) rather than my local art store ($26 for the same pack).

^Day #5 (02-01-2010) – I painted the sun metal sculpture that is on our wall in our bedroom. I tried to have more control over the brush, lines and shading this time around.  The paint keeps getting stuck in my brush.. that is why there is a big black blob on the bottom right. I am cleaning it out pretty good, so I am wondering if it is the paint? hmmmm.

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