Todd + Renee Sitting In A Tree… K I S S I N G! ~Happy Anniversary Love!

It is our one year anniversary tomorrow on 07-07-2011. One year ago, we were in Belano Italy, staying in a hotel named Hotel Horrid, haha. This last year has been amazing… and we have accomplished so much together. Todd is an awesome person, husband, and such a wonderful daddy to our girls. He spends time with us every day, listens, is compassionate, loving, caring. supportive… you name it! He kisses me every night before bed, and still opens the door for me too, so cute, hehe.  I am really happy, and life just keeps getting better and better!

My gift to Todd (one day early) was a saxophone along with a dozen red roses. Its amazing how life can change so quickly… one minute we were non instrument people, and now we are constantly practicing and our house has become loud & noisy, hehe. We plan to create a band one day, and maybe play in the streets for fun. I can’t wait until we are good enough to jam together. I am working on learning the violin and soon, the Djembe drum.

I plan on taking some couple photos of ourselves every year on our anniversary, so I will update this post within the next few days.

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